To ensure that your painting arrives in perfect condition...

I provide a bespoke MDF travel case for every piece - that uses the tray frame to suspend the painting and prevent it from coming into contact with any surface while being transported.

The frame also provides a protective barrier around the painting - which fits snugly inside the MDF (puncture-proof) coating.

The MDF case is then surrounded with bubble wrap and finally cardboard - to add cushioning from those little bumps that happen along the way.


Unfortunately, the shipping process is no longer a passive one...

You will need to be in contact with the couriers to ensure that your painting clears customs and reaches its final destination.

Whilst I do all that I can to provide the authorities with the information that they require to clear your parcel (EORI and VAT number, company registration, contact details and customer invoice) - they will always ask for more information from you.

In order to ship your painting I will need your full address, active email and telephone number - which is used by the couriers to make contact.

Failure to provide the necessary information to the couriers can result in your package being returned (to me).

Here is some information on the actual process:

1) Once you have purchased your painting I will send you an email - asking you to confirm delivery address and contact number - as mistakes can happen during checkout.

Please make sure you have added my email address to your contacts - so that any communication doesn't get spammed and cause delays.

2) Once you have confirmed your delivery address and telephone number...
I will pack your painting and get it off to my shipping agent.

3) Once shipped - I will email you the tracking number and shipping documents. I will also sign you up for the courier delivery status notifications.

4) Most parcels now attract some form of customs duty - which is determined entirely by the country of destination.

The expensive countries appear to be France, Canada and Switzerland.

Often when awaiting the clearance information and duty payment the shipping process halts - and the package will sit in a warehouse getting scanned everyday.

If this happens contact the couriers as soon as you can - as this usually gets things moving again.

Please arrange payment of any duty prior to delivery - as drivers cannot take normal forms of payment. Non-payment can often result in your package being taken away.

5) Once you have paid the customs duty - your painting will be cleared for delivery - which should happen within the next couple of days.

If you are in the US and receiving a painting over the value of $2,500.00... Customs will also need your tax reference number to clear your parcel.

If you are in France, the package will be subject to French VAT (20%).

If in South Korea - you will need to include your PCCC number to complete checkout.

Click here to go to my tracking page - where you can check your painting's progress


All of my prices exclude shipping.

Here are a few examples to give you an idea of costs - which include travel case and full insurance:

*VAT (20%) will be added during checkout to UK shipping

 Size U.K. Europe USA/Canada World
40 x 40cm £175.00* £250.00 £300.00 £400.00
60 x 60cm £225.00* £350.00 £450.00 £550.00
120 x 40cm £250.00* £450.00 £550.00 £700.00
80 x 80cm £275.00* £500.00 £600.00 £700.00
120 x 60cm £300.00* £600.00 £700.00 £800.00
100 x 80cm £350.00* £650.00 £800.00 £900.00

Shipping rates can vary dramatically on large packages (over 100cm) - which is entirely courier-led. Any over payment for shipping will be refunded as soon as the couriers have been paid.


As original artwork is not covered by conventional courier insurance - I have to take out separate cover for each piece.

The insurance is taken out to cover the full amount paid for the painting (shipping costs are not included in the insurance).