Please note: The UK has just been put into lockdown again...
so I will continue to send paintings overseas as long as the shipping lanes remain open.

To ensure that your painting arrives in perfect condition...

I make a special MDF travel case for every piece - that uses the tray frame to suspend the painting and prevent it from coming into contact with any surface while being transported.

The frame also provides a protective barrier around the painting - which fits snugly inside the MDF (punture-proof) coating.

Once your painting is framed and ready to ship I will drop you an email - to *confirm delivery address and contact number.

I will then email you the tracking number - as soon as I receive it from the couriers.

*Please make sure you have added my email address to your contacts - so that any communication doesn't get spammed and cause delays.


All of my prices exclude shipping...

so here are a few examples to give you an idea of costs - which include travel case and full insurance:

Please note: as a result of Brexit and Coronavirus restrictions...
I am experiencing larges increases in shipping rates.

60cm x 60cm:
UK - £150.00
EU - £250.00
U.S./World - £300.00

80cm x 80cm:
UK - £200.00
EU - £500.00
U.S./World - £600.00

100cm x 100cm:
UK - £350.00
EU - £650.00
U.S./World - £750.00


As original artwork is not covered by conventional courier insurance (read the small print) I have to take out separate cover for each piece.

The insurance is taken out to cover the full amount paid for the painting.


The only 'chink in my armour' is the unpredictable nature of customs clearance.

Whilst I do all that I can to provide the authorities with the information that they require to clear your parcel (EORI number, company registration, contact details and customer invoice) - it is out of my control which parcels are selected for duty.

In order to ship your painting I will need your full address and a contact phone number - which is used by the couriers if they need to get hold of you.

If you are in the US and receiving a painting over the value of $2,500.00... Customs may also need your tax reference number to clear your parcel.

When your painting is framed and ready to send...

I will ask you to confirm all of these details in an email prior to shipping - so please add my email address to your contacts to avoid any communication getting spammed.

If you have recently purchased a painting please click here to go to my tracking page.