Each painting will take around 4-6 weeks to dry sufficiently for framing and shipping.

As I paint on an easel I can never paint the bottom of the canvas... and I have to wait until the other edges are dry before I can finish off the bottom.

Once the bottom is dry (which takes around another week) the painting is ready to frame - which I build and paint in the last week.

After framing, all that's left to do is sign the painting - before I pack it ready to ship.

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Please note:
I have just been given the go ahead on overseas shipping... so I am now focusing on working my way through the backlog of pieces that are waiting to be sent.


I hope this helps you understand the process of getting your original piece of art to you safely - which normally takes around 8 weeks in total.

And that you can appreciate that small (unavoidable) delays can happen along the way.

Please rest assured I will always be working to get your painting to you as quickly as I can.


If you have purchased a painting and are awaiting delivery... please go to my tracking page for my progress updates.