Each painting will take around 4-6 weeks to dry sufficiently for framing and shipping.

As I paint on an easel I can never really finish off the edges of the canvas - which have to be done after the paint has dried.

Especially with the addition of curves into my work... I often have to leave all of the sides paint-free so that I can flip the canvas - in order to get the best angle with the knife.

When all of the edges are dry the painting can then be framed - which my brother has built and glossed in our workshop.

It's only once it's been framed... that I can choose the most fitting colour and place for my signature - which I paint on delicately with a brush.

Now finally your painting is ready to pack and ship.

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I hope this helps you understand the process of getting your original piece of art to you safely - which normally takes around 8 weeks in total.

And that you can appreciate that small (unavoidable) delays can happen along the way.

Please rest assured I will always be working to get your painting to you as quickly as I can.


If you have purchased a painting and are awaiting delivery... please go to my tracking page for my progress updates.