Once completed, each painting will take around 6-8 weeks to dry sufficiently for framing.


My brother makes all of my frames in our workshop - so that the canvas can be framed and packed as soon as it's dry enough to do so... and without it having to leave my studio.

You have a choice of  two frame 'colours' - (satin) white or black...
which is chosen in advance of framing.

I will make a suggestion, based on what I feel works best - but the decision is ultimately yours.

If I don't hear back from you - I will choose the colour frame that I feel works best for the painting.


Once your painting has been framed... we will then build a bespoke travel MDF case - in order to protect it from the sometimes arduous shipping journey ahead.

The case prevents anything coming into contact with the delicate impasto textures - by suspending the painting on supporting blocks around the frame. It also provides a puncture-proof coating for the canvas.

The case is then wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard - for added protection.

Click here for more information on shipping...


You can hang your painting as soon as it arrives.

Rather than use string or cord, which needs constant adjustment and can stress the frame... I prefer to hang paintings on two (level) screws 30-40cm apart - and 1.4cm out from the wall.


I hope this helps you understand the process of getting your original piece of art to you safely - which normally takes around 6-8 weeks in total.

And that you can appreciate that small (unavoidable) delays can happen along the way - especially with the U.K. leaving the E.U. and the current lock-downs.
Please rest assured I will always be working to get your painting to you as quickly as I can.


If you have purchased a painting and are awaiting delivery...
please go to my tracking page for my progress updates.


The copyright to all images remains the property of Jason Anderson Artist Ltd...
and may be used at anytime by Jason Anderson Ltd for marketing purposes and limited edition prints.