Dear Visitor,

Thank you for thinking about commissioning a painting – I’m so pleased you like my work.

Commissioning an original painting is a great way to ensure that you get the exact size and style of painting – to fill that wall space in your home.

Unfortunately, I do have a waiting list of around 18 months (+) at the moment.


I only undertake abstract commissions (in my style) – however I am open to using a favourite scene or skyline as inspiration.

It is also useful to know which paintings of mine you like – as this gives me an idea of the kind of palette and style you prefer.

Before I start your painting I will email you a preliminary sketch - so you can approve the subject and intended composition.

On occasion I may approach you with a 'sneak preview' of a recent piece that matches your preferences.

If I do get in touch please try and get back to me as soon as you can (i.e. within 48 hours)... so if you don't like it - I can approach the next person in my list.


My prices are always the same as my normal website prices...

So please make sure you are happy with the prices of my recent sales.

Click here for a list of prices for my most popular sizes...

Please note: Due to the timeframes involved all prices are current and may be subject to a small increase by the time I get to start to your commission.


All prices exclude shipping...

so here are a few examples to give you an idea of costs - which include travel case and full insurance:

60 x 60cm:
UK - £125.00
EU - £175.00
U.S./World - £250.00

80 x 80cm:
UK - £150.00
EU - £175.00
U.S./World - £350.00

100 x 100cm:
UK - £250.00
EU - £350.00
U.S./World - £600.00*

*The cost of parcels over 100cm is significantly higher

If you wish to be added to my waiting list, please email me or use my 'contact' messenger with your preferences and contact details.

I can then put your name down on my waiting list – and contact you nearer the time when I am close to starting.

When we have agreed on size and subject - I ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order… with the remaining payment being made on completion and final approval.

And if you change your mind in the meantime (e.g. secure a piece online)… I can take you off the list at any time – without obligation.

Click here to make an enquiry.